Team Amicizia

Team Amicizia is actually a itallian words which mean friendship.

Satria Neo R3 Lotus Racing

The Satria Neo R3 Lotus Racing edition was designed to signify the  desire for true racing characteristics and performance.  A celebration  of Proton’s involvement with Lotus Racing, it was built in the pursuit of excellence and performance through the use ofcutting-edge technology with world-class quality.

Track Inspired, Race ProvenThe Satria Neo R3 Lotus Racing edition comes with classic Lotus yellow stripes and highlights on Lotus Racing Green.Tuned for Ultimate PerformanceThe redefined Satria Neo R3 Lotus Racing edition provides greater accelerationwhenever required. Its stiffer and well balanced suspension has been specially tuned to offer greater stability to navigate through challenging corners.Lighter, Meaner, FasterThe R3 body kit’s lightweight Carbon Fibre bonnet and FRP front fenders providesenhanced racing aerodynamics; intensified by Lightweight R3 Custom alloy wheels that reduce the unsprung weight for improved ride and handling provide you with total confidence when driving this race inspired machine.Race Bred EnhancementThe cabin of the Satria Neo R3 Lotus Racing edition sports a futuristic dashboard that has been custom colour-coded with customised door trim. Also includes Carbon Fibre effect inserts, sporty Nappa leather seats with specialised Lotus insignia and a multi-function steering wheel.

The AP Racing Brake Kit provides incredible stopping power and total braking control when you are on the open road or twisted track. R3 Tuned Öhlins Coil-Overs Dampers and Öhlins DFV (Dual Flow Valve) technology provides an exceptional blend of ride and handling with added features of right height and damping adjustability. With R3 Race Enhancements to the 1.6 CamPro CPS engine , the Satria Neo R3 Lotus Racing edition offers you an additional boost of power with a balanced spread of power and torque for a spirited drive.

G-Power Typhoon Black Pearl – 625hp X5 Built To Celebrate 25 Years of G-Power Tuning

The G-Power Typhoon Black Pearl is the latest from the German tuner and its a limited edition model to commemorate the firm’s 25th anniversary. And just like ever other G-Power tuned beemer, it’s special and fast. The Typhoon Black Pearl is based on the X5 Typhoon but the Black Pearl features a monotone black paint job and an aggressive body kit with revised fascias, a new hood (with improved ventilation), and wider fender flares. Other tweaks include a rear diffuser, a roof-mounted spoiler, aerodynamic side skirts, and 23-inch Silverstone aluminium wheels wrapped in high-performance Michelin tyres.The Typhoon Black Pearl is powered by a tuned 4.8-liter V8 powerplant with a SK III RS supercharger, a carbon fiber air intake, a large-volume aluminium charge air cooling system, a SpeedFlow high-performance exhaust system (with racing headers, racing catalysts and racing end mufflers), forged MAHLE pistons, new fuel injectors (with larger fuel mass capacity), and revised engine electronics.All those mods help to produce a stonking 625hp and 700Nm of torque, and helps achieve a century sprint time of 4.5-seconds, 0-200 in 16 seconds and top speed irs rated at more than 300km/h.For sure all that comes at a price, but if you must ask the G-Power Typhoon Black Pearl is priced from €295,000 ($415,225 USD) and is currently available for order. Read on below for more information.

New BMW M3 Models Will Be Offered With GTS Competition Package As An Option

According to sources, the upcoming 2011 BMW M3 will also be offered with an M3 GTS Competition Package (codenamed ZCP) as as option. Apparently the package will be available to enthusiasts who need a bit more aggression and performance from their cars but sadly US based enthusiasts have been excluded from the GTS global list.

Included in the package are items like Alcantara interior inserts, 19-inch wheels, a suspension system that lowers the car by 10mm and an updated EDC Sport setting. Also possibly on the list are an exhausts and transmission upgrade but that remains to be seen as its still just speculation.

Lexus IS-F CCS Concept: A Hint At The Future of The IS-F

Lexus displayed this at the 2010 Tokyo Auto Salon and as shown in the image above, the IS F CCS Concept is light years away from the regular family transport IS, it’s vibrant contrast of orange and black together with the generous use of carbon fiber lends a purposeful stance to the car. The material adorns the roof, rear wing and diffuser, front spoiler lip, the hood as well as the side mirrors. This light weight touch could only mean one thing – performance! Even the interior is adorned with the space age material; the center and lower consoles, gear stick, steering wheel trim and door panels have all been lightened.
The engine department sees the same old 5-liter V8 but the weight reduction helps maximise each and every hoof of the 423 Japanese horses. Additional performance enhancements come in the form of forged magnesium wheels wrapped in performance tyres, carbon brake discs, sports suspension and a sport exhaust system with a titanium muffler.

Weight and track time have not been released but we are guessing that this concept hints at the future of the IS-F. Could we be looking at a lightweight “go-faster” version of the IS-F, like what BMW did for the M3 with the introduction of the CSL? It could just be and we certainly hope so.